What To Consider In Taking Supplement

Since childhood, maybe you have often taken multivitamins or vitamin best multivitamin for women. The difference between the two types of supplementation lies in the womb. A vitamin supplement usually contains only one type of vitamins such as vitamin C or A. While multivitamins contain a mixture of several types of vitamins and minerals. Usually, a multivitamin is consumed as a complement to food and drinks every day to meet the needs of micronutrients. Many also routinely take a multivitamin every day to prevent deficiencies in certain vitamins or minerals. Because a multivitamin is only in addition to micronutrients that are already contained in the food and drinks that you consume daily, experts debate whether someone can experience a multivitamin overdose. So far there have been no cases of multivitamin overdoses.

However, excess of certain vitamins, in the long run, can increase your risk of certain diseases such as cancer or heart disease. So, you should be wary of the effects of taking a multivitamin every day. Multivitamin is originally formulated for people who are malnourished, sick or need certain vitamin supplements. However, currently, various types of multivitamins have developed into supplements for endurance, increasing concentration, preventing aging, and even losing weight. If your diet is sufficient to meet nutritional needs, you do not need to consume multivitamins anymore. Because the various types of vitamins and minerals present in your multivitamin can be found in natural sources such as vegetables and fruits.

Multivitamin supplementation is also not intended as a substitute for the nutrients your body needs. This is because the structure of vitamins in your multivitamin pill or tablet is slightly different from the original vitamins that you can get from nature. So as much as possible try to meet your nutritional needs from natural sources. Besides, various studies have shown that taking a multivitamin does not improve one’s performance or health condition. In people whose nutrition is sufficient, a multivitamin is nothing more than an empty drug (placebo effect). Observe the recommendations for use on the label of the multivitamin product that you consume or ask your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended dosage and do not consume beyond the time determined by the doctor. Especially for pregnant women, do not take any multivitamin before consulting your obstetrician.

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