Types Of Wood For Building Construction

Wood is a building material derived from tree blades https://www.onemanandabrush.com. Wood is widely used as a building material because it has properties that are easily formed but still strong and easy to obtain. These building materials are often used for structural and architectural elements in homes such as horses, battens, rugs, wooden doors, windows, and others. Although easy to find, but not all wood is certainly good to be used as a building material. Wood must meet certain criteria so that it is not dangerous when later the building is used. Besides, wood is also usually painted so that it can be more attractive. This is the task of woodstock exterior painting which is used to paint fences, walls to treehouses, most of which use wood.

Besides being used as an installed material, wood is also a supporting material for structural work in buildings. Some of the materials used to support structural work are Teak Wood, Glugu Wood, Merbau Wood, Ironwood, Gelam Wood, and others.

Types of wood for building construction
As said before, not all tree species with good wood are used for building materials. There are several types of special wood that are good for building materials. Here are some types of wood that are good for construction.

1. Teak Wood
Teak wood has advantages in its high strength compared to wood in general. Besides this wood also has a beautiful fiber and texture, resistant to insect and fungal attack. This type of wood is often used for basic materials such as doors, windows, and chairs. Many people also use teak wood for interior furniture needs.

2. Ironwood
Ulin wood is included in the strong timber lineup for construction. Ulin Island thrives on the island of Borneo. This natural material is widely used as building materials for houses, offices, and others. Ulin wood is also resistant to seawater so this wood is often used as piles to bridges.

3. Dark wood
Gelam wood is more well-known as wood which is commonly used as a temporary frame of construction. This material is often used as a stager or scaffolding in building projects.

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