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Specification Type of Nail Gun

Nail gun or commonly called the air nailer is using pneumatic power or wind power. This wind power is supplied from the compressor and has a good safety system at the end of the tool. This tool is very useful for those of you who have work related to home improvement, using a shoot then all will be easier. There are several types of shoots that could be the best framing nail guns.

First is Nailer Bitec TM30. This machine has a pretty good specification with a weight of 1.8 kg allows you to work quicker and easier. It uses power between 50 to 1300 watts, but this depends on the wood you are nailing. Generally, it only requires 50 to 100 watts to nailing on the wood. With a maximum nail capacity of 30 mm and using an electric current of 6A. This machine has been equipped with 1-year warranty card. If you want to buy a best framing nail guns, you can visit our website.

Next is Air Nailer H & L F32. This is another kind of nail gun that you can choose. The specifications are as follows, this machine weighs only 1.1 kg, thus making your work become quicker. While the length reaches 25.5 cm and has a width of 6.5 cm make you feel comfortable to hold it and greatly support your performance. This machine can be filled with 2 mm spikes and a nail length of 10mm to 32 mm, while the capacity reaches 100 pieces of nails. An electric nail machine is a tool of connection with a simple principle.

The nail gun is currently the most widely hunted tool type, both for industrial scale and for household needs. Because at this time even many households who use concrete systems for building their house. In addition, the results obtained also did not disappointing. The current Nail gun that develops in the community has two types. The first one is a machine that uses a gas technology system. In this system, the process of recognition performed on concrete or steel uses gas energy and the second one is using a system of gunpowder technology. Whatever type you choose, the quality of the results is not too different.