Want To Keep Your Skateboard Durable? Here Are Tips On Caring For Him

Hobby playing skateboarding means that you have to have at least one quality skateboard to support your hobby. There are many types of skateboards that you can use, such as mini longboard, cruising skateboard, street skateboard, and many more. However, no matter how good your skateboard is if it is not properly maintained, over time the components of your skateboard will be damaged quickly.

Because skateboarding has a great risk, you need to take care of your skateboard so that later you can prevent you from the risk of accidents that can result in injury. Well, here are tips for caring for your favorite skateboard to stay durable.

1. Diligently Cleaning Grip Tape After Use
Grip tape is a component that is located on the top of a skateboard board that has a rough texture like sandpaper and is often dirty due to dust or dirt from shoes. If the grip tape is left dirty without cleaning after use, it will lose its function over time. The grip tape function is very important because it is the grip tape that helps the skateboard lift when you do the ollie.

So that the grip tape can still grip the shoe to the maximum, you must clean it regularly. The thing you need to do is put the skateboard board in a vertical position, flush with water, and brush with soapy water then rinse thoroughly. The best way to flush water is from top to bottom so that the board is not submerged and can be dried properly and immediately.

Another way to clean the grip tape is to take a cloth and then soak it in warm water, then you wipe or rub the surface of the grip tape (not too wet) then proceed with a cloth using a dry cloth.

2. The Wheel Must Always Be Able to Rotate Smoothly
We recommend that the wheels be cleaned of dirt immediately after you finish using it. Skateboard wheel components consist of the wheel itself and the bearings contained in it. Bearing is the most important thing that must always be maintained so that the wheels always turn well.

You can clean the bearings by using liquid fuel (gasoline) or polish cleaner (acetone) and after that, it is given liquid lubricant. The choice of lubricant can be lubricants that are commonly used for sewing machines or can also buy special skateboard bearings lubricants that are sold in stores.

3. Skateboard Trucks Are Also an Important Part That Must Be Maintained
The truck is a part that does not affect the skateboard but you still have to pay attention to the bushing (rubber dampers) that are on the truck whether it is still feasible or not to be used again. If you find improper brushing, you need to replace it immediately so that the function of your skateboard truck continues to run optimally.

Those are 3 tips on caring for your favorite skateboard at home to stay durable and continue to provide optimal performance. Do you already do the tips above?