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The Function of Dessert You May Do Not Know

Desserts become a mandatory menu that exists almost in the entire restaurant. There are some types, some are hot and cold. Usually, cold desserts are preferred, especially ice cream. One of the desserts you should try is Chick Fil A Ice Cream. Although Chick Fil A is a fast food speciality chicken, they provide different desserts.

Before discussing more Chick Fil A Ice Cream, do you know the function of desserts? Do not eat without knowing the right time to eat desserts.

Dessert is a dish that presented at the end of the course in a set menu to eliminate the impression of the taste of the previous dish and close the food serving round. Dessert dish is often called “The Final Course” or “The Last Course” and taste sweet. Dessert usually has a sweet and refreshing taste, sometimes there is a salty taste or a combination. Its function in the course of the meal is as a refreshing meal after eating the main course which sometimes has a flavour or a fishy taste and eliminates the delicious taste. At first, the dessert dish served in the form of fresh fruits without processing.

By the times, dessert dishes start to vary by taking the base of some dishes such as cake, pie, ice cream and so forth combined with sauce, fruit, syrup, cream or a combination of basic ingredients, thus creating a stink smell. Types of dishes used as dessert can be served individually outside of the menu arrangement. As for friends tea, as a snack, petit four, delivery, and etc.

Some countries do not serve dessert separately. There are combinations of sweet desserts into the main course, so dessert is often regarded as a snack that is enjoyed at leisure time than as an integrated dish with the main course.