It’s About Possession That Is Caused By Evil Spiritual Entities

Being possessed because Influenced by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energy, etc.) means that a person’s physical, mental, intellectual, or spiritual function (or a combination of all three) is influenced or changed by ghosts, mostly by using the black energy possessed by the ghost. Ghosts do not have direct control over the thoughts and intellect of the people affected. The ghost did not succeed in uniting with the consciousness of the person affected in any form. If your possession has caused a lot of problems in your life, perhaps you want to try to remove black magic from your body.

With his black energy, ghosts (demons, devils, negative energy, etc.) can stimulate or mask the abilities/capacities of the people affected.

With black energy, they can influence people in various ways such as causing skin rashes, giving rise to negative thoughts, or covering up the intellect, which cannot be attributed to any known cause. This is an indirect control over someone.

Affecting people with black energy can be understood as something like the influence of toxic gases in the room. That can affect people differently. But ghosts affect the aspects of a person who are most conducive to achieving their goals, be they disturbing people, fulfilling their own desires, preventing the spiritual practice, and so on. We must understand that ghost black energy is more deadly than the most deadly poisonous gas in its accuracy, intensity, depth, and duration of its movements.

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