How To Aim At Targets When Hunting

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Aiming is the highest, most important, and most difficult, and most profound archery principle. The aim is the basis of all shooting. Especially when hunting by using a my link to catch targets. Well, how to aim can be done by looking at the target from outside the bow. Then how is it done?

a. First step
Align the arrowhead with the target, focus your gaze on the target, and the arrowhead with both eyes from the outside of the bow, aim with the left eye. When the arrow disappears from view, immediately release the arrow.

b. The second way
Point the arrow at the target, focus on the arrow and target with the left eye from the outside of the bow, and aim at it, at the same time focus the right eye on the dust, where the right eye does not see the target at all, stand head tilted down slightly left.

C. The third way
The third way is to focus both eyes at one point by directing the left eyeball to the outer corner of the target and the right eye to the inner corner of the target. Some people think that this method is best compared to the other two methods. In my opinion, this method is the worst and most wrong way and provides the biggest error limit. If an archer closes his right eye and sees his target sideways, then he closes his left eye and sees the target with his right eye then the target seen with each eye will be different, then how can these three see the target correctly?

The three methods above are suitable for use by archers who sit facing each other, or stand sideways, also suitable for archers or archers in armor. This method is effective because it can use a longbow pull when using a crossbow with scope.

The three ways of looking through the outside of the bow are all suitable for the archer who faces his target in hunting, sitting, standing sideways, or riding, or fully armed.

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