Changing WhatsApp Themes

If the official WhatsApp application has a feature to remove the blue check, Gb WhatsApp has more features than that. This application you could see at allows you to uncheck two so that other users assume that the chat they sent you has not received and even read. How to activate this feature is still the same as the previous step, which is to enter the Privacy and Security menu, only in the 4th step you select ** ‘Hide second ticks’ and ‘Hide blue ticks’.

Why do you have to check the Hide blue ticks option too? The thing is by only checking to Hide second ticks, the sender can still see the blue two notification when you’ve read the message. It’s just that, when the recipient has not read the message sent, the notification at the sender still checks one. If in the official WhatsApp app you can only change wallpapers, then in Gb WhatsApp you can change the theme. The choice of themes provided in the latest Gb WhatsApp application is very numerous and varied. Besides, the theme you can use for free.

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