Why Do People Like To Watch Horror Films?

Watching a horror movie can give you fear, so you also experience sleep disorders. Do you enjoy watching scary films or also known as horror films? Fans of this film certainly find its pleasure while watching it. Where do you usually watch? Now you can even watch horror movies in 123 movies, a movie streaming service that provides a variety of films of various genres, check that site.

Many people want to test and find out how high their courage is when watching a horror movie. They want to know the level of fear that they can tolerate, and it is not uncommon for satisfaction to arise when they can resist their fear.

In addition to feeling satisfied, some of the things below can also be a reason someone becomes fond of watching scary films:

1. Explore the dark side
A study found that many people are curious and attracted to the ‘dark side’ of human life. Because of this, they want to try to understand it.

This also applies to horror films. Plots and events in horror films are generally different from everyday life and often are strange. This is what then makes people interested to watch it.

2. Has a personality type T
Type T refers to people with thrill-seeking personalities. Horror films are fun thrill-seeking media. The reason is, your body will experience a physical reaction to something on the screen, but you still realize that the incident is not real. This is what then gives a happy sensation without the need to put yourself in danger.

3. As a result of gender socialization
Experts suggest that horror film fans are more male than female. This happens because men are always associated with the brave and like things that are threatening. Men can feel proud if they are not afraid to watch a horror movie.

4. Enjoy the adrenaline race
These sensations can be an escape and help in diverting the minds of the viewers from the problems they are facing.

On the other hand, watching this film is also good for immunity. When you are experiencing fear while watching a horror movie, your breathing rhythm and heart rate will increase. Peripheral blood vessels will narrow, while the central blood vessels will dilate.

Widening of the central blood vessels will carry abundant oxygen and nutrients to vital organs. Glucose levels in the blood will also increase, thus providing energy reserves if needed.

Likewise, calcium and white blood cell levels also increase in your body. An increase in the number of white blood cells is certainly good for your immune system.

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